KPF on Wel-Com

It is with great blessing that KPF Wellington Branch was able to have the Community introduced to other Catholic brothers and sisters in faith in the November issue of Wel-Com.
Wel-com is the Catholic newspaper for the Wellington and Palmerston North Dioceses and is issued monthly.
The news article featured the meeting of KPF servant leaders with Cardinal John Dew early this year.
The Community is grateful to the Lord for another step towards a bigger evangelisation mission for KPF.


KPF Youth holds movie fundraising event

12227835_10153654620689870_2429468743810505268_nThe KPF Youth had a film showing of the movie “He named me Malala” on 8 November 2015.

The movie is about an intimate portrait of Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Malala Yousafzai and her fight for education for all girls worldwide. (more information on

This activity is one of the fundraising activities of the KPF Youth in preparation for their 3-day Youth Camp in January 2016.

Levin Prayer Group turn over to Palmerston North

The Levin Prayer Group headed by Neil and Dan Miradores was officially turned over by the Wellington Branch to the Palmerston Branch on 25 October 2015.

This was a joint decision made by the two branches in consultation with the KPF Servants Council.

The change came from the recommendation of Neil and Dan in behalf of their prayer group, which Palmerston North servant leaders Kiko and Alice Pabellon joyously welcomed. This will not only make attendance to KPF activities easier for Levin members to attend but will also support the the growing Palmerston North KPF family.

Although it was hard for Wellington Branch servant heads Joey and Ning Ibarra to let go of the prayer group and especially the couple whom they have watched grow spiritually since they joined the Community in 2012, they know that the Lord is with them in this new mission.

KPF children answer the call for service

Attendees of the Wellington Archdiocese Filipino Chaplaincy mass on Sunday 20 September witnessed the installation of 13 children as altar servers. They will be assisting in the celebration of the Holy Masses of the Chaplaincy. The blessing of the children was led by Fr Danny Cipriano. This is a momentous event to the Community as almost all of the children are from KPF families.

The new members of the Knights of the Altar are Angelo Araiza, Ellan Bugas, Ethan Bugas, Shaun Cajilog, Sam Catalan, Aaron Dado, Alyanna Gierran, Karl Gratela, Jigs Ibarra, JL Ibarra, Mary Malicden and James Malicden. They are headed by Gus Umali.


Filling up the emptiness

A testimony of a Life in the Spirit Programme participant
by Viluz GrayPicture1

I belong to a relatively religious family and one thing that our parents taught us when we were growing up was to instil in us the value of being good Catholics. Going to church every Sunday, reciting the rosary every day and helping others, to mention a few, were part of our lives. In my mind, I thought I’m a good person and am fine.

One day, my friend invited me to attend the prayer meeting. I said to her I have no time am too busy. She didn’t give up on me and kept on inviting me. My reply was always the same; no time, I am busy.

Meantime, life was good, blessings that were more than what I prayed for kept on coming. But there was something missing in my life. There was a feeling of emptiness. I thought I just needed a break so I went for a holiday.  Though enjoyed my holiday, when I came back, the feeling of emptiness didn’t go away. Even the analytical skills that I thought I was good at didn’t make any sense of it all.

One day I bumped in with my friend again and she said, “I will invite you to serve the community and join the Kapatiran”. “I will see if I’m not busy,” I replied. What I didn’t realize is that this good friend of mine kept on praying for me all this time.

Then the day came and I attended the Kapatiran Life in the Spirit Programme (KLSP). On the first session, we were asked why we are there. My simple answer was “I want to nourish and strengthen my relationship with God”.  It is exactly what KLSP is all about.  I learn so much about my faith and keep on growing every day.  I feel the joy in my heart and the feeling of emptiness was totally gone. One of the sweetest moments of my life was when I opened my heart and accepted His invitation to become one of his disciples.